Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Peggy sent me a text this afternoon asking me to look at a new pattern on Ravelry. I looked at it and ran to the tosh dk to put together some colour combinations.
The Comfort Fade Cardi (pattern purchased on Ravelry) looks like something I wish I had on today. Normally I would email the designer, Andrea Mowry, to ask permission to use her pictures on the blog. I didn't have time this afternoon and I wanted to share my colour combinations tonight.
Another way to fade! This open cardigan is super cozy with its garter shawl collar! The Reverse Stockinette makes a stunning canvas to fade on for the most unique cardigan in your wardrobe!! This cardigan keeps me feeling cozy and stylish all in one!
I really like the purple combinations but there is something about the top combination that is calling my name. Denim, grey and beige. You can wear it with everything.
From Andrea
Please enjoy 15% off of this pattern with the coupon code DREA until 10/13/17 at midnight EST!
My shawl is coming along. It looks the same, just bigger. That is the problem with knitting something in one colour - it doesn't make for the most exciting blog pictures until it is finished.
Someone is comfortable. She's here for an unexpected sleep over. Dad is going to Toronto early in the morning so she's ours tonight. Beth will drop her off at day care on the way to work.

What a great prop. She just laid there. Didn't even move her head.

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