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Monday, April 03, 2017

Xanthe has been cast on. And Again.

Yesterday was a comedy of errors. And a few tears of frustration. Winding yarn added to my being upset. I walked away from the ball winder for a few minutes and the skein ended up wrapped around the ball winder in places it wasn't supposed to be. I had to cut the skein a few times to get the yarn out of the gears.

The day got better and Xanthe has been cast on.
Beth bought new kitchen flowers and they match my yarn :)

My knitting was going well for a bit. The bottom piece was the first go. The colours are too close and you can't see the striping. I wound the ball of purple this morning and cast on again. Now the striping is better. I got a few rows knit while watching the Jays. Not the outcome I wanted for the first game of the season.

Now we have a busy TV night so I hope to get a few more rows knit. The problem is that we are going to watch shows that you need to pay attention to. I totally forget to knit.

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Trina said...

That's happened to me before with the winder.....VERY stressful!!