Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Way Back

I've gone back to 2012 for today's blog post. My shipments are still caught in Canada Customs so I don't have any new yarn to show. I haven't progressed in my knitting so I picked a project that I loved making.

Pattern: All the Shades of Truth (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: 5 colours of Tosh Merino Light

I used onyx, charcoal, whiskers, rain water and night bloom.
I pulled it out of my closet for a close up picture.
A colorblocked stole inspired by the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. There is no intarsia - just picking up stitches from slipped stitch edges. A coloring page is included :) 
The day after I finished the sample shown, I read this passage in Game of Thrones: “Black and white and grey, all the shades of truth” and knew what the name needed to be. You’ll have to excuse the mash-up of Frank Lloyd Wright and George R. R. Martin. 
Laura Aylor, the designer, used great colours (or non colours) for her shawl.

Sara brought her All the Shades in progress for me to see (this is from 2014). It looks great in bright colours too.

Now it's time for Survivor. And the Leafs. And the Jays. Maybe some knitting too.

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