Thursday, April 06, 2017

New from Frabjous

When I got to work this morning, I added the Shaded Landscape Wrap kits to the website.

I was looking at the kits and there was one called Posies. I didn't have a picture of this kit. Maybe this is the next one that I will have Alex knit. The colours scream spring.

Here is my post that I started yesterday. Mr. Canada Post brought in a huge box from Frabjous Fibers.
Have you dreamt of super-sized Mini Skein Packs? For Warmth, You Know brings that dream to life with 20-oz versions of your favorite 5 oz Mini Skein Packs. An entire sweater in one bag! Have other large projects in mind? Several smaller projects? Yep, this bag of full-size skeins has you covered. Take these versatile color collections wherever your imagination leads! 

These packs (available online and in the store) are Cheshire Cat Fingering weight. The total yardage is 2560 yards. That number sounds vaguely familiar. It is the same yardage as the So Fond of Rainbows kits. One of these packs will make Rainbows in the Gorge - perfect for the person who doesn't want as many colours.

We also received more Mad Hatter Combo Packs.
The Combo Pack is a full-size 4-oz skein with a coordinating Mini Skein Pack of five 1-oz skeins.
Pattern: Striped Swoosh Shawlette (purchased on Ravelry)
A simple, striped, swoosh-shaped shawlette in scrumptious sport yarn. 
This shawlette is knit in alternating stripes of a MC and 5 CC from one of our mini-skein packs. Choose from gradient, color morph, or color mix to dramatically change the look of this shawl. 
A quick, mindless knit! 
With the yarn suggested, you will have enough to knit a larger size than the pattern describes. Rather than switching colors after a certain amount of rows, you could knit until you have a certain amount of each CC remaining.

Which Way (pattern purchased on Ravelry) is a great shawl knit with one pack.

Take a look at the Gradient Garter Wrap - a great looking scarf knit with one Mad Hatter pack.

It's Masters weekend. I have the golf on my laptop until it comes on TV. It's very exciting this year with three Canadians including Mackenzie Hughes. Mac played junior golf at Dundas Valley where Beth is a member. I went to high school with his uncle. His grandmother shops in the store. I've played golf with his sister. I haven't met Mac but I feel like I know him.

Now it's time for more unpacking. A shipment just arrived from Freia Fibers.

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