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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tosh is in the house

It's never too early to start thinking about spring. It will be coming - I think.

This week's Web-Letter from Classic Elite features a hat in Hanako.

Download the free pattern on Ravelry...
Cotton and Linen combine for a summery yarn in a popular worsted weight. The linen fiber has a subtle sheen and adds body; cotton adds stitch definition and softness. This yarn gets even softer the more it’s worn and the light and vibrant palette is perfect for warm weather wear. The generous yardage per hank makes Hanako a good value.

One hank of Hanako makes this fun, summery hat. Allow the brim to flop, shading your eyes, or fold it up and secure with your favorite pin.
The hat is shown in the colour Thistle. It's on the way to us. See the colours currently in stock...

We're home from Milton with 9 huge boxes of tosh. There are 1500 skeins so it'll take me a few days to unpack. As I progress through the boxes I will update the tosh on the website. We are getting
-merino light
-twist light

We opened up each box and I snapped some pictures. Here are new colours of merino light.
Antique Moonstone
Night Hawk
Bronze Age

I've added these to the website and now I'm signing off for the evening. Survivor is taped and I'm ready to knit a few rows. 

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