Thursday, March 09, 2017

New Projects

Here is Find Your Fade #3 so far. I laid it out on the table last night and I couldn't resist getting a picture as I walked by this morning.
The Rockshelter Sock is very nice to work with. If I had to guess (I don't know this for sure) I'd say that the base is the same as tosh sock. They have the same yardage and same twist. Another shipment of Rockshelter Sock will be arriving just in time for the Frolic. There will be 27 colours including
 Claude Monet
Porch Puddle

Lynda is almost finished her knitting so a new project is on the way to her.

Pattern: Aileas (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: Woolstok from Blue Sky Fibers
Aileas is worked seamlessly from the top down and features decorative faux cables on both fronts, the back and sleeves. Knitting starts at the shoulders. Back and both fronts are worked to underarm length, then joined and worked back and forth to final length with set-in pockets. Sleeves are picked up and worked in the round from the top down using short-rows to shape the sleeve caps. Collar and button bands are worked last.

Alex is working on the Shaded Landscape Wrap. Here is the first block. She brought it in for me to see the colours. The shawl is knit triple strand and she was worried about how she is combining the colours. It looks awesome! I am so jealous that she is getting to play with the Prism Delicato. The plan was for me to knit the shawl but I want it finished for the Frolic.
Diana also dropped by today with her finished scarf. The colours are amazing!

Pattern: Sonoma Scarf (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: 2 balls of Freia Shawl Ball - we used Dirty Hippie
Needles: 3.75mm

From Tina at Freia
Pattern written for lace, used two shawl balls and 3.75mm needles, alternating ever other row to extend the gradient and make a longer scarf.
Diana's next assignment is the Earth Stripe Wrap. I've always wanted this shawl so I'm excited that we'll have it in a few weeks.

Now I need to get knitting. The next clue from Stephen West is coming out tonight and I haven't finished the first clue. But I really want to work on Find Your Fade because I'm ten rows from the next colour. Decisions...

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