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Thursday, March 16, 2017

New Project

Cathy and Sarah came for a visit this morning. Sarah was wearing her new Lilli Pilli (pattern purchased on Ravelry). She used Hedgehog Skinny Singles - Graphite, Typewriter and Glacier. I really need to make this shawl - it is beautiful.

Now they are going to do a mother-daughter KAL - the Assana Wrap (pattern purchased on Ravelry)

Cathy is using Glacier, Wish and Boombox.

Sarah is using Sorry not Sorry, Oracle and Cheeky.

Sarah has already cast on. I wonder who is going to finish first.

The store looks like a hurricane blew through. I finished unpacking the boxes of merino light - here are the rest of the new colours.  Video Baby
 Smokestack Optic

My Find Your Fade has hit a stand still. I hope to rectify that this evening.


Anonymous said...

Hi, shawl is beautiful! Love the color combination. I also love the hat Sarah is wearing. Do you know the pattern name? Thanks

Julie said...

I just sent a text to Sarah to find out if she knows the name of the pattern. I'll post when I hear from her.