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Monday, March 13, 2017

Let it Snow

At this point it looks like the store will be closed tomorrow. It's already coming down in Ancaster (at 11am) and the forecast says that we could see 30cm of snow.

Beth shoveled the back deck at 6:50.
Here she is shoveling it again at 9:30. It's blowing so hard that I took the picture from inside the house. I wasn't going out there.

The Weather Channel just said that we've already had 20cm of snow in Hamilton. And I believe them.

Here are some bright colours to make your day happier. There will be a new yarn arriving just in time for the Frolic.
Yarn Love is Hand Crafted

Yarn Love isn’t just yarn. Every skein of Yarn Love contains my passion for color, my fascination with dye and the love of the artist (me!) for my creation. When you’re ready to start your project with yarn as artistic as you are, grab Yarn Love.

Before your yarn even arrives to you, it has been touched at least 21 times. Some dye techniques are more intensive and add to that number. Each skein is unique. Even ones that share the same pan develop a personality distinctly their own. As you knit, crochet, or weave your Yarn Love you’ll discover the joy and whimsy for yourself.

Yarn Love is Fueled by Family

Yarn Love is a family-centered business. It was built to care for my own family and has grown into a like-minded family of yarn lovers. Each of our customers has earned a place in our yarn love family. Come hang out with us virtually – I can’t wait to get better acquainted!
Oil Slick
The quintessential sock yarn. Choose Juliet when you’re in the mood for bold color and amazing durability – you’ll find her extremely resilient to the most demanding conditions.
80% superwash merino / 20% nylon
4 oz. /420 yards     113 grams / 384 meters
Suggested Needle: US 0-3    2 – 2.75 MM
Machine wash on gentle; lay flat to dry.
Paper Flowers
Fall Chard 
 Flora and Fauna
River Rock Rainbow
Final Frontier

I don't know when the yarn will be arriving. I have a feeling that we'll see it the week of the Frolic. I hope sooner :)

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