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Friday, March 10, 2017

Clue #1

Earlier this week I started a newsletter. In the opening I mentioned how it was warm and sunny in Ancaster. Now I need to come up with something else. It is so cold today. And we're seeing some snow.

I thought that the Stephen West clue was coming out last night but it came out this morning. I'm still not at that point but the next two sections look interesting. Here is a link to the Ravelry Forum for the second clue. I've filtered it to just show pictures. If you look at post 197, the knitter has finished the second clue. This might entice you to join.

I didn't get very far this afternoon but did get a few rows knit tonight. This is the first clue so far. I figured that it was okay to show a picture now. If you are working on the shawl then you are at least this far on the first clue so I'm not ruining the surprise. Stephen's instructions are very well written. If you have any questions, he's probably answered it in the video he has for each clue.

I did a bit more stash diving tonight and found five different part balls of purple tosh merino light in a basket. I'm still convinced that there are more in my house - I'm going to do some digging on Sunday.

It's bed time or I won't make it to work in the morning. I totally lost track of time when I was seed stitching away.

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