Saturday, October 25, 2014

Thunder Cowl

Ravelry is a very bad place to go :) While looking at patterns today I found the Thunder Cowl.
Two skeins of Malabrigo Mecha came home with me. It's been a long week so I deserve another project.
The Color Play Mohair Wrap is growing. Not quick enough but I should get to the next colour soon.

We didn't watch The Amazing Race last night so that is on the agenda for tonight. Plus two episodes of How to Get Away With Murder. I'm still deciding if I like the show. It's one of those shows where you know you don't really enjoy it but you keep watching because it has to get better. Plus I want to know who committed the murder. There is also a baseball game. Go Royals!!

Margaret sent me a picture last week (sorry Margaret for not posting this sooner) of her finished Auburn Wave. This was for our September KAL. I've created another 'Auburn Wave Monster' - we can't stop making the same shawl
The first time round I used leftover yarn so this time I decided to do another Auburn wave with yarn specifically selected for this project. I choose Zen's serenity glitter sock in the colour "party girl".  I am very happy with the choice. I finished it just in time. The ends are sewn in but it needs blocking (and apparently my turtleneck could use a pressing now that it has been brought out from summer storage).
Are you going to take part in our next KAL?
Exploration Station is Stephen West's new Mystery KAL starting on October 31. We're going to do this as a store KAL too. Some of you don't like doing Mystery KALs and that's okay. Pick any Stephen West pattern and knit along with us.

A little tip from Stephen for picking colours.

Make sure color A looks very different from all 3 contrasting colors. You can take a photo of all 4 colors and give them a black & white filter. If you see color A contrasting against the other 3 colors in a black & white photo, then you will definitely have high contrast. 
Here are my colours.

Want to see the colours that other people are using? Go to the Westknits KAL group on Ravelry. This is the Yarn Thread link... There are a lot of posts so here is a trick to get just the yarn pictures. At the top of the page click on Images. Right now there are about 640. This might help you to decide what you like and what you don't like :)

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