Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Scarf. Swatching. Sinuses.

A double strand of soft and squishy Chateau combined with a lofty fishermen's rib stitch, make for an exceptionally cozy scarf. And, while exact gauge is not crucial to the success of this project, try not to be tighter than the specified gauge—a looser stitch will create a cushier scarf.

The Fishermen's Rib Scarf from Classic Elite Yarns. The pattern is free in today's Web-Letter. Download the pattern... 

Swatching is important. Actually pretty much mandatory if you're knitting a sweater, cardigan or vest. I know that you don't want to but it is necessary to make sure that your garment comes out the proper size. The number one reason why a garment doesn't fit is because the knitter didn't do a swatch.

Here is a little tip from Knitter's Pride.
Read more on their blog...

I had nightmares about going to the dentist today. Root canal? Pull the tooth? There were many things running through my head. So many that I had Beth drive me in case I wasn't able to drive home. There was absolutely nothing wrong with my tooth. My dentist poked and prodded. Tried cold. Hot. Sensory pulses. X-rays. Nothing. He thinks that I have a really good sinus infection. Now I need to get into see my doctor. Ugh!

The World Series starts tonight. Go Royals!!


Jane said...

My sympathy on not feeling well. I just had a root canal and a crown on adjoining teeth. I try to be thankful for good dental care but like you I don't like to go. Feel better soon.

margaret Law said...

I jist got over a sinus infection and the it started with sore teeth! Weird isn't it. Get better soon. Flonase works like a charm.