Friday, October 03, 2014

It wasn't my fault

I had visits from Mr. Canada Post and Mr. UPS today. Boxes of yarn from Blue Sky Alpacas and Mrs. Crosby. YAY! We're getting kits ready for the Fleece Festival.
I started another Auburn Wave last night. It wasn't my fault. Customers have been asking if I've knit with the new Marblz needles yet. I hadn't and I really needed to. You aren't supposed to change your needles in the middle of a project (different needles can give a different tension) so I had to start something new. This colour is dachshund. It has been calling my name. It isn't as green as it is showing in the picture. More brown. Like I said, it wasn't my fault.

Do I like the needles? I was a bit apprehensive because I don't really like hate plastic needles. Think about the needles from 30 years ago that were either red, yellow or green. You might have a few pairs in your needle collection. The yarn sticks. The points are awful. And the needles bend a lot. Clear your mind of all these thoughts because the Marblz are nothing like that. The point is awesome. Very sharp. Great for lace. The join is perfect. There hasn't been a catch yet. The needles will bend slightly but nothing that makes you want to break them.

I've added the tips and cords on the website. More sizes will be arriving next week.

I need to sign off now. It's almost going home time. I'm dropping off my computer, picking up Beth and then we're having dinner with our real estate agent. Hopefully we aren't out too long. I need to get back to my knitting.


Lois Evensen said...

Oh, I know what you mean. It's never your fault when you HAVE to knit something. I know these things! Nope, not your fault at all....

Trina said...

Hi Julie,
Is this dandelion?