Monday, November 11, 2013

Lots of Blocking

I'm going to be blocking for a while tonight because I finished two projects last night.
The Leaf Scarf in ASAP - 2 skeins of Begonia Leaf. It turned out nice and long. So long that it is wrapped three times around my friends neck.
The Drop Stitch Scarf in 2 skeins of ASAP - Spectrum. Both were knit on 10mm needles. If I knit the Drop Stitch Scarf again I will use straight needles. You are wrapping the yarn around the needle twice to create the drops. When you are sliding them from the cord to the needle they can get caught. This won't happen on straight needles.

ASAP is a great name for the yarn. Your knitting grows very fast!

There was a surprise when I left the store tonight. Our first snow.
I'm home now and the Leaf Scarf has soaked in Soak and it's time to pin it out. I need to be finished all my work by 10 so that I can pay attention to The Black List.

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Kristen Rettig said...

I like both scarfs a lot!