Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Dee O'Keefe designs amazing shawl patterns. I contacted her on Ravelry and she gave me permission to use her pictures.

From her Ravelry page (where you can see all of her designs)...
I am a shawl designer who lives in Alexandria, VA, a few miles outside of Washington, DC. Sure, I’ve knit other things, but I am obsessively drawn to lace shawls and so decided why not just give in and “specialize.” Resistance is futile!
I love charts for knitting lace and want everyone else to love them too. So all my patterns have really big, pretty charts that are easy to read and use.
My patterns are test knitted by my wonderful band of merry testers/knitting detectives and tech edited for your knitting pleasure.
Elizabeth Shawl

Glenallen Shawl

Liz Stole

Nadira Shawl
All of the shawls pictured above are knit in lace weight yarn. There are a few more in thicker yarns.

 Catoctin Shawl in fingering weight

Ruxton Shawl knit in sportweight.
Her shawls are so inspiring!! So much so that I'm going to sign off and get back to my knitting. There are yarn overs in my cardigan so I'm kind of knitting lace :)

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Anonymous said...

Talk about awesome!!! Wow, I love all those shawls, Dee O'Keefe is certainly one outstanding designer. Thanks for letting us view all her beautiful shawls.