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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Go Cats Go

The party last night was a lot of fun. Friday evening Beth received a text from Linda who works in dad's office. She bought a shirt for my dad but then started second guessing the present. She was afraid that my mom would be mad. Beth and I told her she had to give it to him.

My mom's name is Karen and her maiden name started with a C. My dad calls her KC. The shirt is perfect and they both laughed like crazy. Dad wore the shirt the whole evening.
The party was at Acclamation - a restaurant in downtown Hamilton. They have a room you can book downstairs for private parties. The food was awesome and everyone had a great time.

There hasn't been much knitting today. I spent all afternoon flipping between football games. Who would have thought that the Tiger Cats would be going to the Grey Cup?? Then I started working on the brochure for Knitting Camp 2014. And a little surprise-I'm going to teach a few workshops this year. Now to decide what I want to teach.

The Amazing Race is on right now, then a bit of football before The Mentalist. Are we going to meet Red John tonight?

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Linda in Waterloo said...

So do you think the 'other guys' who had to stand at the wall got saved? Magic turning wall or something? Oh Patrick....