Saturday, November 16, 2013

Classic Elite

Classic Elite has started something new in their latest pattern book and it's the coolest thing. There is a code inside the book. You go to the website shown, enter your code and the book downloads to your Ravelry library. Now I have it on my computer and iPad plus a hard copy. It makes it so easy to print off the pages you need for the project that you are doing. No more fighting with the photocopier to get the chart on the page properly. No breaking the spine of your book to get a copy of something. Yes, sometimes the little things in life make me very happy.
There hasn't been a lot of knitting on Gabrielle but I like how it is looking so far. The yarn is great to knit with.

I just got home from work and need to get my act together. We're picking up the parents soon. I'm the designated driver tonight. It could be an interesting drive home :)


Dayana Knits said...

Oh, wow, that's a great idea! I hope more companies get on board with this!

Lois Evensen said...

Very nice!