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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Box of Happiness

We have some new Opal sock yarn in stock. Schafpate 5.
Schafpate means "local sheep," and this yarn line promotes a “buy local” concept. The wool for Schafpate 5 is grown and processed in Germany, then the yarn is spun and printed in Germany, so Schafpate 5 has a smaller carbon footprint and keeps the local fiber industry strong.

I looked a bit on Ravelry and found some patterns (for socks and other things) that would look great in Opal sock yarn

Mr UPS brought in a box that is going to make my sister very happy. Bubble bath from LUSH. She's run out and there hasn't been time to drive to Square One to get more. I was going to make her wait until Christmas but she pouted when I told her. I guess she's getting an early Christmas present tonight.

After Survivor we watched The X Factor last night. I would like someone to define British Invasion for me. In my world that is the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kinks, the Who. Not on the X Factor. I'm not sure that Kate Bush was part of the British Invasion. Sorry-going back to Survivor. Could you vote your mother/father/brother/sister out? I'm not sure that I could.

Beth and I have been out for dinner (thanks mom for loaning giving Beth $40 earlier today) and now I'm doing some work while Beth is using some happiness from her box.

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