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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Small knitting problem

My house is open concept which makes it difficult to start dinner while someone is sleeping in their 'new bedroom'. Somehow Beth (deep under her duvet) and Roko slept through me washing, cutting up and starting to cook potatoes. I thought for sure some comment would be made.

There was an even bigger problem earlier today. The points on my shawl were rolling. Really badly. I was afraid to keep going in case the lace yarn was a really bad choice. Maybe that's why Kate chose sock yarn for hers. The only thing to do before I kept going was to block the points and see if it would work.
I pinned it out on a piece of styrofoam and laid a wet towel on it. (The picture was taken inside and the colours are way off) After a couple of hours I took the towel off.
Thanks goodness-it worked. I'm not one to rip out yarn and restart a project. :) Now I don't have to. The lace section looks great.

We're watching the Discover Channel-it's Shark Week. Beth is knitting (a new project-she has startitis issues right now) and Roko is relaxing. I asked Beth how she would spell startitis because I wasn't sure I had it right. Then I googled it. Take a look at this.... Describes me :)

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Linda in Waterloo said...

Aw poor guy! Lucky he has such good care. It would have been a shame to have to rip that out as it looked beautiful.