Monday, August 05, 2013

Twist Collective and the DKC

Unfortunately I can't make the Fashion Show (Knitting Camp starts the next day) but what an opportunity for you to see great garments.
Toronto’s Downtown Knit Collective is a knitting guild dedicated to advancing the art of knitting through the sharing of ideas and techniques, education and community involvement
twist collective is the next generation of knitting magazine: a showcase for the most recognizable names in knitting, a laboratory for the designers of tomorrow, and an irresistible inspiration for millions of knitters worldwide. 
Visit Twist Collective and see the Spring 2013 magazine. The great thing about an online knitting magazine is that you can purchase one or all the patterns. You aren't paying for garments that you don't like/wouldn't wear/would never knit. They are also saved on your computer (or purchase them through Ravelry and they are in your Ravelry library) so you can print off another copy of the pattern if you lose it/spill coffee on it. It also helps for enlarging charts. I can't wait for the fall magazine to go live.

Here is a link to the DKC website...

Here is a map to the meeting location...

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