Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What a box!

Mr. UPS came in this afternoon with a box from Lorna's Laces. What a box. The colours are amazing! They got Kim. She took home two skeins of Haymarket in Flushing. I was a good girl. Today. :)

The yarn that really grabbed me was Solemate. Look at these colours-they are my top three from the new collection of eight. OK. They are today's top three. Tomorrow I could change my mind.

I'm using lace weight (Helen's Lace) to make Asking for Flowers but the original pattern calls for fingering weight. Any of these Solemate colours would look amazing!!

There wasn't much sleeping at my house last night. A thunderstorm hit around 12:30. Melo was sleeping in my room and started to freak. We put on his thunder coat and he settled down around 2am.  At 3 the smoke detector went off. Now Roko was freaking. We changed the batteries and it didn't help. We changed the batteries in the upstairs one as well. Still beeping. Every 30 seconds. Melo was freaking by now. Beth called mom and dad to tell them she was on the way over. The dogs couldn't stay in the house. She got to their house and dad came to see me. We took the battery out and after a few minutes the beeping stopped. Dad headed to his house and Beth reloaded the dogs in the truck and came home. It was almost 4:30 by the time I got back to bed. I checked online and our smoke detector is at the age where it needs to be replaced. Who knew that smoke alarms had to be replaced?? The story continued today. Beth came home from work at 5 tonight and as she walked in the door (the dogs were still in the truck thank goodness) the upstairs alarm was beeping. Back to see mom and I met dad here. We removed the battery and the house is quiet right now. The electrician is coming tomorrow and all should be right at our house again. It's just after 9 and I'm heading to bed soon. No knitting tonight. I'm way too tired. My fingers are ready to go but my eyes keep closing.

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