Friday, August 09, 2013

Happy Friday

Today was a very long day and I really considered skipping today's post. I don't have any pictures of my knitting (there hasn't been much knitting this week) so I looked online and found some pictures of a new book coming (probably the beginning of September) from Debbie Bliss for fall.

Rustic Knits uses Winter Garden
30% Wool, 30% Llama, 20% Linen, 20% Silk

Good news. The phones and internet work in the store again. Also, the construction has moved away from our driveway. There is no problem getting into the parking lot. Bad news. The road construction will continue near the store next week so please be patient. It should be over in a couple of weeks.

It's bed time. There is one more day of our 25th Birthday Celebration and I need to be wide awake.

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