Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A bit of this and a bit of that

A customer came in earlier today with a neat looking cowl pattern. You might wonder why there are pictures some days and other days I link you to another website to look at a pattern. I have permission to use some pictures and then I can post them. There are many patterns that I haven't asked for permission so I direct you to Ravelry or another website to see them.

Take a look at the Pine Bough Cowl
Trapped bar stripes break up the zig-zagging pine boughs that run the length of this oversized cowl. It’s large enough to wrap around your head twice to keep your neck nice and cozy, but it drapes nicely and really shows off the stitch pattern when simply worn down.
It is a free download knit in double knitting weight yarn. Think of the choices-we have a whole room of dk weight yarn. The customer who brought in the pattern chose Rowan Felted Tweed. It is knit in a tube on a 40cm (16") needle (you are knitting every row-much easier in the fair isle pattern) and then you join the ends of the tube to make a long cowl. It will be really warm.

An email came in from Rowan this afternoon showing 6 new colours of Rowan Fine Art that will be arriving in October.
Rowan Fine Art is a blend of fibre and colour.  Designed for socks, shawls and other accessories, it is made with merino wool, kid mohair, mulberry silk and polyamide to make it suitable and durable for all projects. 

Roko's leg is getting better and his vet is happy with how things are going. He is starting to walk on the leg which is a good sign. The dogs really want to play and we're continually trying to stop them. Roko goes outside now and picks up a toy. He isn't happy that we won't throw the ball or frisbee.
Four times a day Beth messages Roko, does exercises with him and then ices his leg. Everyone is looking comfortable here. Roko loves the ice. Most times he falls asleep when it is on.
Beth is knitting and the dogs are enjoying their really big dog bed. I'm not sure how happy they will be when the mattress finally goes away.

I've been trying to get the store in order today-there were the bags of tosh that I brought yesterday that need to find a home. While doing that I started making up kits for the Knitters' Fair. I'm not programmed to do one task until it's done. I need to have 3 or 4 things on the go at once.

Somehow I came across this pattern.
Concetta Cardigan from The Brown Stitch (design by Elizabeth Smith)
I have a few copies in the store or you can purchase on Ravelry.
A woman's seamless, top down raglan cardigan using worsted weight yarn and featuring slightly bell-shaped sleeves. Sized from 35"-55".
tosh merino
Classic Elite Liberty
tosh vintage
tosh pashmina worsted
Berroco Ultra Alpaca

The options are endless. I really like this cardigan-simple to show off a fabulous yarn. And easy to knit. And no sewing. It doesn't get any better.
Beth and I just got home from dinner.

Holy Food Trucks. Every Tuesday night in Ancaster through September.

Now it's time to watch Top Chef Masters from last week. Need to be ready for the new episode tomorrow night.

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