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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Kim came into work this morning wearing a great scarf/shawl knit in Rowan's Wool Cotton.

Pattern: Cozy Shawl purchased on Ravelry
5 balls Rowan Wool Cotton for the main colour and 3 balls for the ruffle

Here are some pictures of the new yarn from Zen Yarn Garden.

Serenity 20
Serenity Silk Single.

For the show we are going to hang it which will really show off the amazing colours.

I have a feeling it will go quickly at the Frolic.

And the boxes are starting to accumulate in the store.
The two days before a show are the worst for me. I get very anxious about what is packed, what isn't packed and what I have forgotten. I'm making a list and checking it twice four or five times.

It's almost to the point where we either have it or we don't.

I'm busy sewing together Eos. Both sleeves are in and one side seam is done. You know what I will be doing during Survivor. Sewing in ends.

I was ready to hit Publish when I saw a tweet from AnnieBee about a pattern that she just published.

Hue and Value
You need two colours of sock yarn - less than 100grams of each.

Visit AnnieBee's blog for more pictures and information on the shawl...

You can also purchase the pattern on Ravelry...

I have the pattern and will be playing with colours next week. The purple and lime are grabbing my attention. :)

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