Monday, January 16, 2012

The winners are

Sorry this is going to be a really quick post today. I didn't get a chance to start one earlier today and now Beth and I have to run to Toronto for a meeting.

I wanted to let the winner of Sweet Shawlettes know that they had won. We picked the name in a very scientific manner. My parents are driving home from Myrtle Beach and called to check in at noon. I asked my dad to pick a number. He chose 8. The eighth person to comment won a copy of the book. Irene P-please email me your mailing address. If you look under About Me in the top right corner it says Contact Julie.

Guess what-it gets better. I was told that I can give a second book away so my dad picked 17. Jane Prater-you won a book as well. Taunton Press will be mailing you each a copy of the book.

Here is a quick look at my knitting. I still have one side seam to sew up (on the right side of the picture which is why it is hanging a bit funny). Almost all the ends are sewn in so it will be ready in time to pack on Thursday.

This is the Short Row Triangle Scarf in Classic Elite Liberty from a few posts ago. I told you that I loved Liberty. I couldn't help myself. It will be great airplane knitting.

Have a good evening-hope you get to stay in and knit. :)

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Lois Evensen said...

Congrats to the winners. Love that sweater! It looks so cuddly-warm.