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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tosh-new colours

Last week I called madelinetosh to see if they were introducing new colours at TNNA. They let me in on the secret that there will be 10 new colours. I wasn't allowed to talk about them until TNNA and I was good to my word.

Here they are. This is the description I received from madelinetosh. I was writing quickly as they were talking so the descriptions are brief

Warm Denim-darker jean colour with hints of light blue and green

Firewood-deep umber, deep brown, purple

Neuchera-mottled purple

Envy-dark green with royal blue

Lowland-mottled grey, dusty green

Volga-periwinkle/sky blue, mottled

Grenadine-like amber trinket with more pink/purple

Hickory-neutral mottled, beige, taupe, cream

Onyx-pure black

Cathedral-stained glass, heavy red and blue, very mottled

The reason that I called was to put in an order before the TNNA rush.

All colours are coming in merino light

I have ordered everything but Onyx and Cathedral in DK and Vintage. It is hard to order colours sight unseen and I wasn't sure how these two were going to look.

It is now Sunday evening and I am back from the show. This morning I saw the colours in real life. It is going to be hard to decide which I want.






Warm Denim-the colour was a bit darker blue than is showing here

Cathedral-which is beautiful in real life-it is now ordered in dk and vintage






Tinselnsawdust said...
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Jen Manuell said...

wow! Those are beautiful.....and have me contemplating my next project :-D