Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Self Striping

Classic Elite just sent out a newsletter (they come weekly-you can sign up on their website using Liberty. I don't really like the yarn. JUST JOKING-I LOVE IT!!

Download the pattern...

Super simple in a beautiful yarn.

There will be two brand new colours of Liberty arriving in the store some time next week.

I received a notice from UPS today that a box is on the way from Berroco.
There is a new book for Linsey-a blend of cotton and linen, worsted weight yarn.
Available in solid colors as well as gently shifting multicolor shades, Linsey™ is an ultra soft yarn for summer. Cool, comfortable and colored in the sun-weathered shades of summertime, this yarn is eminently wearable

This is Riemann
A colorful stockinette circle edged in ribbing is transformed into a cardigan by adding neatly short-rowed sleeve caps.

Mitered squares are joined together as theyʼre worked, forming a dazzling counterpoint to the plain stockinette sleeves of an open cardigan.
Short-rowed wedges worked in a self-striping colorway frame simple stockinette sleeves knit in a coordinating solid
I just got home from knitting class. The first night of Knitting 101. The ladies did great. They all learned a new cast on. We played with knits and purls, they learned to read the stitches and then they cast on their scarves. It will be interesting to see how many of them have the scarf finished for class next week.

Beth has Storage Wars and Shipping Wars taped. I think it's time to put my feet up and have a bit of a rest before bed.

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