Thursday, January 05, 2012

New from Namaste

It's almost time for TNNA which means a new bag from Namaste. I knew about this a few weeks ago but was sworn to secrecy. And I kept that secret. Namaste has a picture on their facebook page so I have been given the go ahead to show you.

Can't wait. They should be shipping the bag near the end of January. This is what the girls at Namaste said about the interior
The interior material is a soft microsuede gray PET material (made of mostly recycled plastic bottles) and it's an open cavity including open top and zipper pockets.
There will be four colours
-espresso (shown)

It is hard to believe that TNNA is almost here. I registered today which is early for me-normally I do it at the show. No waiting in line this year. We have hotel rooms and plane tickets. Now we need to make tee times. Yes, the golf clubs are coming. We found out one other thing we need to do while there. Barrett-Jackson. Every year Barrett-Jackson holds a huge car auction in Scottsdale (half an hour from our hotel). These are collector cars and can go for huge dollars. The show is the whole week and the big cars are sold on Saturday-there have been cars sold for many millions of dollars. Beth, dad and I watch it every year and we always comment that one year we will go. It happens to be the same weekend as TNNA. Friday afternoon we will be walking around looking at cars and then watching some of the auction. Some of you are rolling your eyes at the thought of this but we can't wait.

Finally a new Grey's Anatomy tonight. Happy Knitting!!

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Sara said...

Haha, love the bag, but especially the last line, I'll be watching Grey's and knitting tonight too!