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Sunday, January 08, 2012

More almost finished projects

We had a much better night last night. Roko slept beside me all night and didn't fidget. Now they are lying like angels on the floor. They have me pegged for a sucker though. They keep asking to go outside. They don't really need to go out but when they come in they get a cookie. What a game.

Last night while watching the football game I pulled out another project I have been working on. It is knit and sewn together. I just need to do the borders on the sleeves and around the neck. I hate the sweater. Could be the worst fitting thing I have knit. I decided to block it and see if I like it better. If not I have a feeling there is a plan to make it better but that means ripping out. The bottom of the front and back is stocking stitch and it flares too much. I will take it out at the top of the stocking stitch and knit down. The thought doesn't make me happy but at least I can wear the sweater.

At half time I pulled out Phil, my bottle of Soak and wet the sweater. It laid in my bathtub overnight wrapped in towels to get most of the water out. Now it is lying out.

While going through my bedroom I found another almost finished project. This is Noro Taiyo. One front, the back and both sleeves are finished. I am almost to the neck shaping (a V-neck) on the second front. Now I'm thinking that I can get this done for TNNA. One small problem. I am taking a pattern that is for a thicker yarn and doing some changes so I can use Taiyo. I can't find what I did for the neck shaping. Now I have to count out the rows. Seriously. Write things down!!

I have many boxes laid out in the kitchen ready to do mailing labels. There are going to be some happy knitters later this week when their yarn arrives. Boxes are also being packed for Wannietta and Lynda.

Wannietta is getting Wildflower from Coast Knits and will be using tosh pashmina.

We are sold out of the book again-hopefully it will be back in stock this week.

Lynda is getting Levenwick. A pattern from Brooklyn Tweed that we are going to knit in tosh vintage.

A customer came in yesterday wearing this and it was beautiful. She changed the pattern a bit and we are going to do it too. The body is done in reverse stocking stitch and we are going to change it to stocking stitch.

For both garments I am asking the ladies to use two balls at once. Two rows of ball A and then two rows of ball B. Then back to A. The yarn is carried up the edge and won't be seen when the garment is done. The yarn is hand dyed and there can be variation between balls. This isn't just madelinetosh-it is something that should be done with all hand dyed yarns. If you don't do this then you might have a line where you ended one ball and started the second.

Football has started and I have my decreases worked out. Only 6 rows until I start. I'm further than I thought I was. It's knitting time.

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Lois Evensen said...

Speaking of writing things down, I learned the hard way so now develop necklines and some sleeves by putting them into excel (must have to do with my accounting and numbers thing) row by row. Then I print it to take along wherever I might be and check off the rows as I go. It's so easy to make 2 sleeves alike without knitting them side by side at the same time.... Just love Excel!