Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lots of new patterns

We made it home safely last night but I was way too tired to sit down and write a blog post. It was good to get back into my own bed.

While I was away Cathy received a box of new patterns. The pictures have been taken from the suppliers website. I asked for permission to use them and they said no problem. Why am I telling you this? There is a lot of talk online about using pictures without permission. I always ask before putting someones pictures on my blog.

Koyo designed by Indigirl. From Amy's website
Autumn is, without question, my favorite season here in Ontario. The landscape is painted brilliantly in shades of pine, flame orange, and maple red. And even a simple drive in the country has me gasping a little from all the beauty.
Koyo, the Japanese word for “autumn leaves” is inspired in part by my new home here in Ontario, and in part by my first trip to Japan in late November 2000. So late in the year, I was shocked and surprised that the maples around Kyoto were in full, peak, color. I spent a day climbing to the top of one of the temple complexes that overlook the modern city, marveling at the reds and oranges, and golds.
Shown in Helen's Lace from Lorna's Laces

Seamless Katarina from Cocoknits
The fronts and back are knitted together from the bottom up to the armholes then set aside. The sleeves are also knitted up to the armholes, then everything is joined, and the set-in sleeves are worked seamless up to the English Tailored shoulders. There are small seams to join the top of the fronts and sleeves to the shoulders.
5-8 skeins of tosh dk

Mishke-another design from Cocoknits

From Julie Weisenberger, the designer
I love working cables but I don’t love wearing them, so then it became a challenge to design a cabled sweater that I would wear. Mishke is the result: cables done cocoknits’ style, completely askew and seamless
Knit in 5-10 skeins of tosh dk

Darling Emma from Joji
A delicate cardigan, with lace front panels, cozy collar and ties.  This pattern is very simple, but looks complicated.  You'll receive lots of compliments on your work!  The cardigan is worked from the bottom up.  It is absolutely seamless.  The sleeves are worked from the top down in the round.
Since the poor ladies head was cut off on the above picture.

There are many sizes available in this pattern. 30/32-58/60". Knit in 4-7 skeins of tosh merino light

Another Joji design called Ecuador.
This is a very light and drapey cardigan, worked with fingering yarn at a fairly loose gauge. It features an A-line shape, with draped fronts and a very simple lace pattern in the body. This pattern is absolutely seamless and it includes directions for a short-sleeved and a long-sleeved version.

Again, a huge size range, 30/32-58/60"

Knit in Malabrigo Sock
Short sleeves 3-7 skeins
Long sleeves 4-7 skeins

I've been looking at this pattern on Ravelry for quite some time. I love the way it hangs.

There were more patterns lying on the front table when I arrived at work this morning.

Rowan magazine #51 is here!!

Seascapes from Martin Storey.
A windswept and beautifully fragile collection, Seascapes is inspired by the rugged coast and it's ever changing light. Simple to work styles feature together with crunchy cables, lace and fashionable geometric patterning in the collection for men and women.

Her sweater is called Athena and his is called Olympian. Both are knit in Savannah.

Odyssey knit in Savannah. Why is this picture so big? I want you to be able to see the cable work. Fabulous!!!

Hermes in Summer Tweed.

Orion in Summer Tweed.

Summer Tweed is a great yarn. 30% Cotton. 70% Silk. The label says to hand wash the yarn but I throw it in the washing machine and dryer with no problems.

Naxos in Savannah.

Martin Storey sure knows cables.

There will be more pretty pictures of new books tomorrow. It's time for dinner.


Lois Evensen said...

What fun! I love seeing the new patterns. We are headed back to sea where I will have more time to knit. :) I have a bunch of things on the to do list. Hopefully, I will be able to make some fun stuff for me, too. ;)

Julie said...

Have a great trip. It is snowing here today which makes me doubly jealous of you. :)