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Friday, January 27, 2012

Little Rowan

It has been an interesting morning in the store. When I was at TNNA I met with Amy, the owner of madelinetosh. We had a great talk. On Tuesday afternoon I received an email from madelinetosh that they had an order ready for me. Great. Usually it is 4 boxes. Not this time. They have 35 (yes, you are reading that correctly) boxes of yarn ready to ship to me. This includes brand new colours for spring. The challenge this morning was figuring out how to get 35 boxes from Texas to Ancaster. UPS is not an option. DHL was going to charge $6,000. Beth and I have been working on this and contacted a friend with a trucking company. The boxes are being picked up in Texas on Tuesday. Sometime in the next two weeks we will be very well stocked with tosh yarns.

In between phone calls, Ms. Canada Post brought in a box from Lorna's Laces with 11 colours of Shepherd Sock.
  • Happy Valley
  • Tahoe
  • Andersonville
  • Tuscany
  • Pullman
  • Zombie BBQ
  • Hermosa
  • Beverly
  • Bucks Bar
  • Vera
  • Camouflage
It's time to make up more Linen Stitch Scarf kits

Now to show you some seriously cute garments.
17 babies and toddlers designs with accessories by Martin Storey. The cover sweater is called Miss Muffet.
Tweedledum. I want this!!
Georgie Porgie

These garments are awesome.

Last night was TV night. The DVR is almost full and we need to get through shows we taped while away. We are caught up on American Idol, Revenge and Grey's Anatomy. I like it that American Idol has started showing more of the good singers. There was lots of revenge on Revenge. Beth bought a magazine at the airport and it had a story on Revenge. It didn't tell us what was going to happen but February 8th and 15th are going to be big nights. Owen was not happy with Christina at the end of Grey's. It's about time he stood up to her. Tonight will be more catching up. I have lots of paperwork to do but I'm saying that I worked all day and need to relax. :)


Lois Evensen said...

Oh, those patterns are soooo cute! Precious!

emmacole1979 said...

Oh, these patterns are so cute! I think I need to get this book.