Monday, January 23, 2012


We had a great day golfing-except for the fact that Beth killed me on the score card. I'm a bit tired though. We were up at 5:30 and in the car by 6:30. We didn't know how long the drive would take so we thought it was better to be safe. 45 minutes later we were at the course. A bit early for our 8:30 tee time. Then there was a frost delay. Didn't think that happened in Arizona. We sat for another hour before we hit the first ball.

The golf course was amazing.

We had a caddie with us, Mike. He is going to caddie for us again tomorrow. His job was to give us yardages, watch our balls, tend the flag and rake traps for us. What a great way to golf.

You see cactus on TV and it looks fake when it is really tall. There was lots of it on the course.

The houses on the course were impressive.

Tomorrow we are playing the sister course. I can't wait!

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Irene said...

It looks spectacular. Have fun.