Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I'm starting a post but can't hit publish until tomorrow. Currently I am sitting in a chair at the spa having a pedicure.

Then there is some running around before heading to the airport.

I am flying to Vegas tonight. I am surprising my parents-they are flying in tomorrow morning. Beth and I gave them the trip as a Christmas present and about a month ago Beth suggested that I fly down for a few days. It has been killing us trying to keep a secret. There were many times when I almost spilled.

There is golf booked for dad and I on Wednesday and Thursday. We told dad that we would book his tee times. He asked us if he was golfing with anyone. Beth almost blurted out my name.

As we were leaving for the airport I talked to him. They think Beth and I are in Toronto on business. I almost told him that I would see him tomorrow.

I am at the airport now. Beth and I have a problem that we have to be early when going on a flight. No running for a plane. There was no traffic and the airport is dead.

It is Tuesday morning in Vegas. It is 7:30 here but my body thinks it is 10:30 and tells me to start my day. I was up at 3:00 to talk to my parents before Beth drove them to the airport. I told them to have a safe trip and I would see them next week. Mom wanted to know what gift she could bring me home. :).

Here is a picture from my room.

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