Saturday, January 17, 2015

Rowan 57

Rowan Magazine #57 should be arriving at the beginning of February.
This season's knits are influenced by natural landscapes and traditional techniques. Trends for the new season embraces the hand crafted idea by offering rustic and textured designs as well as modern and clean garments and shapes. Rowan is promoting two stories to reflect these trends for Spring/Summer 2015, 'Daydream' and 'Relic'. Daydream is a collection of soft feminine knits inspired by a delicate romantic mood, whereas Relic is a carefree collection of casual knits, inspired by the past with colours and textures found within ancient cultures. The 'Essentials' collection takes a new direction this season by concentrating on another major trend, Denim, whilst still promoting the key shapes of the season.

See all the designs in the magazine.



Trina said...

Love the video....makes me want to knit all of them!

Lois Evensen said...

So many different approaches/styles. Very nice!

Anne, Life LackaDaisiCal said...

Pure Linen and Revive :)