Sunday, January 18, 2015

Freia Super Bulky

Freia Super Bulky meets all Beth's knitting requirements. Big needles. Changes colours. She cast on a cowl last night and finished it before going to bed.
We modified a cowl pattern that I made up in Rasta to make sure that we used every inch of yarn. We had a bit left over but not a lot. The pattern is ready - now we're waiting for the yarn.
Hand Painted Super Bulky Gradient Yarn. Super soft single ply. Our process creates a strong yarn that is lofty but with very little pilling. This yarn is dreamy!
80m/87 yards on a 150gram ball
100% wool
2 stitches=1" on 12mm needles

The yarn should be arriving in the store soon. I've sent an email to Tina begging her to rush our order.
There are a few patterns on Ravelry for the yarn.
Little Imp Hat
One ball is all it takes.
Chloe Vest
You will need 4 balls for the vest. Yes balls. No winding the yarn - take it out of your bag and start knitting.

Dad and I just got back from a visit to the new house.
They have started on the bricks. I hung out the back door and leaned on the scaffolding to get this picture.
This is the tile throughout the main floor of the house. Looks like hardwood but it won't scratch. Sorry, I should have taken out the next tile down - or I should have cleaned this one. It looks scratched but it isn't, it's glue.
The tile is finished on my bathtub. And it's a big bathtub!

Picking the tile for my bathroom was one of the hardest choices for the house. I knew that I wanted grey but there wasn't a lot of grey to choose from. I picked a much more expensive tile and was good with my choice. Then on the day that we finalized everything, the builder had this tile in the show room. It was much cheaper than my original choice. Enough so that I could change my counter top to quartz from laminate.

Now it's time for football and knitting.

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