Thursday, January 16, 2014

What's CustomFit?

I started playing around on CustomFit this morning. I haven't had enough time (and haven't knit a swatch) to make my first pattern but should in the next few days.

Take a minute and watch this video that Amy made. You will be nodding your head as you are watching it.

If you are on Ravelry, please read the FAQs on CustomFit here. I think that this should answer most, if not all, your questions.

Amy also did a video on swatching. Yes, that is like a four letter word but not making a swatch is the most common reason for a sweater not fitting.

We made it through two and half episodes of Homeland last night. I really wanted to watch another but it was already midnight. It's getting really good and I have a feeling that we will be watching more tonight.
Lots of TV means lots of knitting. Here is Clapotis so far.

The first box of tosh. Pashmina. YUM!

There is a debate in our house. Barrett Jackson Auto Auction or Homeland. I think that Homeland is going to win. I have a ball of yarn to make a swatch. Yes, you read that correctly. If I'm going to use CustomFit then I have to do it properly.

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