Friday, January 03, 2014


I was talking with Sally Melville about Camp earlier today and we started talking about her new pattern - L'Enveloppe. I asked her if I could share her pictures with you and she told me to go ahead. This is from Sally's Ravelry page.
Every time I wear this and everywhere I go, I’ve had it commented on—by strangers on the street, by shop owners or customers, by knitters or non. And each time they say something like “I love that … thing you’re wearing!” No-one knows what to call it, and—frankly—neither do I. Because one arm goes through (as does the neck) but the other arm is free, it’s not a cape, not a poncho, not a shrug, not a shawl, not a cowl. It’s small enough to wear under a coat but big enough to wear instead of one. And it envelops us in style. And so here’s its moniker: L’Enveloppe. (As you might imagine, this is French for envelope. Its style led me there. I suppose its name could have been “That thing you wear on an airplane in case the AC is turned too high,” but that didn’t sit as well on the page.)
Because I want everyone to knit this in whatever yarn they like, I offer this in 5 sizes, 4 gauges (13, 14, 15, and 16 stitches to 4” /10cm) and 2 stitch patterns (seed or the easier garter). AND, it is worth noting that I’ve seen swatches that combined yarns--from a shop or a stash: for eg, a light worsted + a lace yarn will give you gauge, a dk + a sock yarn will give you gauge. (You will need the full yardage for EACH of the yarns you combine.)
Because of all these choices, the yarn amount (as shown above) is very inaccurate: the amount of yarn you use will depend upon a) your size, b) your gauge, c) your stitch pattern. All of this is clear in the pattern. 
And speaking of size, this is sized the same way knitting patterns are sized. Measuring around the fullest part of your bust, S = 32-34”, M = 36-38”, L = 40-42”, 1X = 44-46”, 2X = 48-50”.

You can purchase this pattern on Ravelry...

You can knit this in a self-striping yarn, tweed, marled, hand painted, wool, cotton, linen..... The options are endless.

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