Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Big Blast from the Past

Pattern: Cordwood Cowl - purchased on Ravelry

Yarn: 2 skeins of Masham from Lorna's Laces in the colour St. Charles (the yarn should be here in a couple of weeks)

Needles: 5.5mm 80cm circular
It needs to be blocked - tonight's chore. Once blocked I will get better photos. It might be warmer out next week.

Next week a shipment will be leaving the US from Blue Sky Alpacas/Spud & Chloe. There are new mug kits available.
These one-hank wonders include the super chic, cabled Venus Mitts in Popsicle, the pretty-in-pink Aphrodite Hat in Watermelon, and the lovely, zigzag-patterned Cupid Cowl in Manatee. All three are a great way for knitters to show their passion for their craft.
Spud & Chloe sold out of the first batch of these and I don't know how much longer they will be available for. If you are interested, let me know. I will make sure that we get a kit for you.

I like to drink tea from a big mug and these fit the bill. They are large!

An email came in today that will make Beth very happy. She is in love with her Knit Kit and a new colour is coming. The purple should be here by the end of February.
The Knit Kit includes a crochet hook, thread cutter, locking counter, 5 ft. tape measure, stitch markers, darning needle,tip protectors, and collapsible scissors (TSA Compliant) all put together in a very durable, compact, easy to locate device. Everything you need to take your project on the go.
This model also includes better scissors (no more plastic) and the popular needle gauge on the back.
We had a small Knit Kit issue at our house the other night. Beth didn't know (or so she says) that you can't pull the tape measure out to it's fullest and then keep pulling to try and make it longer. It didn't get longer. And it won't go back in. We had to cut the tape measure off. She was upset. I didn't even have to yell at her for being like a little kid.

Cathy and Kim were in today cleaning the teaching room and getting yarn ready to go to storage for the Tent Sale. They came upstairs with a bag of pictures. Wow. Here are pictures of my pictures.
Kaffe and Brandon at The Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival.
I was trying to get pictures with no glare. The original isn't crooked. This is Debbie Bliss - probably 20 years ago.
Jo Sharp

A newspaper article about Kaffe and one about me.

There was also a binder with a price list.
I have no idea why this wasn't thrown out years ago but it made for good reading. Interesting reading. This is from 20 years ago. If you think that yarn is expensive now, here is the Rowan pricing from 1994.

Handknit Cotton (called Cotton DK back then) was $4.99 and now it's $6.50.
Cotton Glace was $7.99 and now it's $8.50.
Wool Cotton was $9.99 and now it's $12.95.

There hasn't been much of an increase. Think about the pricing of other things in your life and how much they have gone up in 20 years. Cars. Coffee. Shoes. Air travel. Hotels.

It's kind of sad seeing some of the yarns that are no longer available. Magpie. Donegal Tweed. Fox Chunky.....

It's back to my accounting. I don't want to keep the tax man waiting.


life ldc said...

This post made me think about my first visit to TNE.....I think Colinette yarn grabbed my attention on that visit.....probably 23 years ago maybe ?!? :)

Linda "ONEDAY"Designs said...

I see Jonathan Peacock in one of those photos too. He does not look any older now.