Monday, January 27, 2014

Spring Baby/Kids

Mr. Canpar came in this afternoon with a box of new baby/kids from Sirdar.

There is a new yarn called Peekaboo.
Snuggly Peekaboo DK is a gorgeously soft baby yarn that comes in softly printed, dappled colours that look extra cosy for girls and boys designs and makes delightful blankets too. This yarn looks fab knitted in the simplest stocking stitch as well as lacy stitches and cables and can be knitted for babies and children from birth to seven years. Snuggly Peekaboo DK comes in the same wonderfully soft blend as Snuggly DK - 55% nylon and 45% acrylic. It knits to all our Sirdar double knitting baby patterns and is machine washable and easy care.

Sirdar Baby Bamboo has 4 new colours.
Specially developed to be incredibly soft, gentle and smooth for Baby, this yarn is a new blend with natural bamboo and wool fibres. It will keep its quality through gentle machine washing.

114 Candy
115 Bobbi Blue
116 Lemonade
117 Dinky Denim

There will be new patterns for Baby Bamboo but they weren't in today's boxes.

Beth had a weekend of knitting. I'm not sure she did anything but knit.
She's already trying to figure out how she can cut it short. I'm not going to let her.

My cowl didn't get finished. Maybe tonight. There is a new Blacklist.
I was worried that the stitches wouldn't show in the handpainted yarn but they do. I can't wait for Masham to arrive!

An email came through earlier today from the Homeowners Association in Myrtle Beach. It is so cold there that pipes are bursting in houses and condos. We had someone go into our houses and all is good. The bad news - they are expecting snow tomorrow and Wednesday. So much snow that school has already been cancelled tomorrow. They don't see snow very often and don't have equipment like snow plows. It will be interesting. Glad I'm not there. I know it is warmer than here but what a waste of a few days away.

Now it's accounting time. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Where is your cowl pattern from?

Theresa in MI

Kristen Rettig said...

The Sirdar patterns are really cute. I love to knit for babies.

Julie said...

The pattern is the Cordwood Cowl.