Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's the little things

It was a night of weird dreams last night. Can't I dream about some pretty yarn? No, I dreamt that I was on a cooking show, think Master Chef or Top Chef. I can cook if I need to. I just choose not to. In high school I took home ec and learned how to make a cheese soufflé but I don't really think that puts me on the Top Chef stage. They'd give me a fish to work with and I would have to walk off the show. I'm requesting yarn tonight.

Mr. UPS stopped in this morning with a box from Rowan. A sample garment in All Seasons Chunky. Now I know that I really need to knit with the yarn.
Knit this womens ribbed cropped cardigan from the All Seasons Chunky Collection, a design by Marie Wallin using the gorgeous yarn All Seasons Chunky (cotton and acrylic). Knitted in one piece and a rib stitch throughout, this knitting pattern is for the beginner knitter.
There is a long story behind this that I'm not going into but I bought a cool app today (iFrame) that lets me put multiple pictures into one frame. Yes, most of you probably have one of these programs already but it's the little things that make me happy. So I bought the program and wanted to use it. Showing off yarn is perfect. This is Ultra Alpaca from Berroco. Five colours that we don't have in the store but I just ordered. They should be here next week.

My Inspira Cowl so far. I'm just about at the half way point. Maybe by the weekend.

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