Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Tea Leaves

Yesterday morning Sarah and I started messaging back and forth. We are both using iPhones and iPads with wifi so it is free. Apple users will know what I'm talking about-the messages are showing up blue not green. International texts are $1 on my plan so this is great-we can have a conversation and it won't cost a dime. I really like Sarah but I can be cheap about things like my phone bill.
I noticed on Ravelry that she put up pictures of her Tea Leaves cardigan. I asked to borrow them because they show the pattern better than the pictures on the pattern.

It's a great cardigan and I'm thinking I would like one.
Pattern: Tea Leaves from madelinetosh. We have copies in the store or you can buy it from the madelinetsoh website

Yarn: tosh vintage in composition book grey

It is knit from the top down which means you will always get the sleeve length correct (this is very important to someone like Sarah who has extra long arms). All you need to know is knit and purl. There aren't any fancy stitches involved.

If you take a look at Sarah's blog she finished another garment yesterday. She is on a roll!!

A few boxes just came in including one from Freia Fibers. We have new colours of lace and worsted weight yarn.
Sonoma Lace Scarf
One ball (75 grams = 590m)
3.25mm needles

Now I want another one in Vertigo!!

There was more in the box from Freia as well as a box of knitting patterns. I'm saving these for tomorrow.

My mannequin clothes smell great. Have you tried the new Tide Pods? I don't work for Tide and nobody I know does. I'm just happy with how my laundry is coming out using them. They are so easy-just throw in and then put your clothes in. We will definitely be buying these for my dad-he does all the laundry right now because my mom can't do the stairs to the laundry room.

I love the packaging too!


Candice said...

Yep, those Pods are damn good. Stuff smells great and the whites are sparkling! Do you think P&G would like to pay us for out testimonials?

Sally said...

I haven't tried them yet, but will soon.

And besides, when you get done with your laundry you have a home for a goldfish ! ! !