Sunday, April 01, 2012

I started this post yesterday and totally forgot to publish it.

Last night (Friday night) we had a couple of hours of snow. Here are our poor flowers. They were shivering when I got home from work. Thankfully the snow is starting to melt. I'm ready for spring.

Mom and dad made it home safely from Myrtle last night. We talked to them about 1/2 an hour from Buffalo and they were getting rain but no snow. Even when they crossed the border it was still warm and then the snow hit them. Dad was complaining about the cold-it was warm in Myrtle last week. Welcome home! Beth took them dinner but they hadn't unloaded the van yet. I want my fabric. :)

Elizabeth asked what booth I got the sheep set at while at One of a Kind. It is Colours by Chris. They don't have a website but I have their phone number. I don't want to put it on here but if you contact me I will give it to you.

It's Sunday morning. I'm a bit tired this morning. It was a late night quilting. After work I stopped at The Quilt Rack (a great quilting store just up the street from us) to get some thread. Here are a few quilts that Lucy has hanging on the wall.

Kaffe Fassett fabrics.
Lucy does lots of quilting classes-she has one for each of the quilts that I have shown.

After seeing Lucy's Kaffe quilt I came home, went upstairs to got though my Kaffe pattern books and pick a pattern.

Then downstairs to pick out fabric. There is a lot of cutting in a Kaffe quilt. 3.5" squares, 6.5" squares and 9.5" squares. It hit me around 12:30am that I am going to need more fabric. I'll be back to see Lucy on Monday. I have lots of fabric but not the colours I want. 

I don't want to keep going on this piece. If I get too far and start adding in colours it will look funny. The quilt is three strips so I am going to start on strip 3 (from the bottom) and then the new colours will work in.

The more squares I add, the more I like the colours. I keep picking out colours that I don't think go but Beth keeps reminding me that this is a Kaffe quilt. The more colour the better and things don't have to match.

There is a pattern where he asks for certain colours in certain spots. That is way too much work. I'm using his layout for the size of squares but just picking random colours.
There was no knitting yesterday but it's sitting in front of me. I will be knitting this afternoon while watching the Nascar Race. Then there is The Amazing Race and Celebrity Apprentice. The back is almost done on the vest. Then six more squares for the front. I shouldn't have any problems getting it done for the Frolic.

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Linda in Waterloo said...

Your quilt looks great! Very fresh. Have you seen the Jane Brocket quilt book? The Kaffe shop quilt you've shown is fab too.