Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Classic Elite Liberty

I've been busy all morning making kits for the Frolic. I would still be making kits but my dad just brought me lunch. My car went into the dealership this morning because the tire pressure light is on again. My patience is starting to run thin with those tires.

Mr. Canpar brought in a box with two new colours of Classic Elite Liberty.

7867 Glacier
7866 Red Hot Blues

There are two new patterns as well. 
Double Breasted Baby Cardigan
A simple, double-breasted cardigan with seed stitch edges worked flat in pieces and seamed. Collar and button band are added last.
There are three sizes available 6-12 months, 18 months and 24 months. I'm going to mail the yarn off to Ann so that she can knit a sample for the store.

Easy Striped Tam
A easy-to-knit tam worked from the bottom up in two printed colors of Liberty Wool. Every hat will be unique depending on where in the stripe sequence you begin each yarn. Choose two colorways with no common colors for the clearest stripes.
One ball of each of the two new colours. When you look at them you wouldn't think they go together but the tam is beautiful.

I totally forgot about one of the purchases that I made yesterday. Not very exciting but I really like it. In our kitchen we have had an ugly beige garbage pail since we moved in almost five years ago-one of the small plastic ones. I bought us a new shiny one that has space for recycling and trash. Sometimes the small things in life make me happy.

My knitting is progressing very slowly. The cast off on the body of Tiny Tea Leaves has started. It's at home today and I have the Trendsetter vest with me. I'm hoping to get enough knit this afternoon to get a good picture.

I wanted a picture of the whole back so I pinned it on the mannequin that sits in the front window.

I also finished the first square on the front. Five square to go. Then the front band and side gussets.

Ms. Canada Post came in with some boxes. Two from Prism with more Saki and Stuff. The first of two boxes from Lorna's Laces arrived. We have been waiting for these to make more kits. I had better hit Publish and get back to work.

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