Saturday, April 07, 2012

Lots of pictures

I was at work early this morning. The satellite dish in the store keeps cutting out. It is annoying when someone is about to hit a golf ball and I miss the shot. I called them on Thursday and someone is coming today between 8 and 5. I didn't want them calling to say they would be here at 8:30 and I was still in bed.

It gave me time to get some pictures outside.

The Kaw Valley Wrap is beautiful. Diana did an amazing job.

The ladies at Mountain Colors have come up with a new kit colour for the Knit Swirl cover jacket. This colour way is called Clematis. You can't go wrong with a purple jacket!!

Now I need to get a sample knit up for the store.
Dad was at the store when I got here this morning picking up all the boxes in the back yard. They accumulated while he was away. He also changed the flags out front. Very spring like. Mom and dad have a great time visiting the flag store in Myrtle Beach.

I worked on my Kaffe quilt last night. I was happily sewing away when I got lazy and didn't pull a pin out. Big problems. My needle hit the pin breaking my needle. I hope mom has some extra sewing machine needles. Just talked to mom and she does have extra needles. Thank goodness-there is going to be time tonight to quilt.
When I couldn't sew anymore I decided to start cutting the border pieced to my Amy Butler quilt.  The quilt is going to be bright!

I would love to have a cork wall in my sewing room to pin my pieces on but until that happens I borrowed mom's quilting screen. It is a frame with white fabric that I can pin my pieces on.

I'm set up for a day of sports. Curling is on right now. Golf starts at 11:45 on my iPad and then later on TV. There will be baseball this afternoon as well. Knitting time for me. :)

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