Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Mr. Canada Post and Mr. Canpar both visited today with boxes.

The second of three boxes came from Lorna's Laces. This one had the new Soakboxes.
These fabulous kits include Soak Wash's Heel foot cream for feet worthy of hand-knit socks and Lorna's Laces newest sock yarn, Solemate. Solemate is made with Outlast®.That means it has climate control technology so your feet are "Not too hot. Not too cold." Pure genius, all in pretty packaging. There's even a mini Soak included!
I hope the formatting works on this post. Normally I Preview my posts to make sure everything is lined up and looks good but for some reason Blogger won't Preview today.

Four new colours of Silk Garden arrived.
There are baskets of kits everywhere in the store. I think we are almost ready for the Frolic. Now I need to get my knitting finished. There wasn't any last night. The model homes in the complex where my parents are moving opened last night. We (along with everyone in Ancaster) went to see them. We are really happy with the choices we made for things like the hardwood, tile, kitchen backsplash..... By the time we got home it was 9pm. Time to watch a bit of the Blue Jay game and then Fashion Star and Chopped. Both shows require paying attention so there was no knitting. Class tonight so I will get a few rows done.

From Amy Butler's website 
Welcome, welcome!
To celebrate the launch of my Gypsy Caravan collection I am running a contest so you can show me YOUR stash! The rules are simple, just upload one picture of you and your fabric stash to my new Flickr group HERE by May 15th. I will be randomly picking three winners from the photo pool for an exciting prize of Gypsy Caravan fabric, books and patterns. Keep an eye on my facebook page to see some "celebrity" stash photos! Please email if you have any questions.
Grab your quilt fabric and get in on the fun. My pile will be quite large. I have way more fabric at home than yarn.

It's another busy TV night. Will the women work together to pick off the men on Survivor? I can't say that I was sad with the results from last week's Idol. Who will do well tonight? Still no new Revenge-maybe next week??


Linda in Waterloo said...

Yep, it was 'the trail'. Found it online with easy access at the Mill. Thanks for the tip.

Lois Evensen said...

That yarn is YUMMY!