Thursday, November 23, 2006

Roko playing

Here is the latest puppy picture. We don't know which one is ours, probably the one on the bottom. His name is going to be Joe Rokocoko. Roko for short. All our dogs are named after athletes and Joe is a rugby player from New Zealand.

Beth will be picking him up on Wednesday night. Wish us luck. He better not like shoes or yarn!!


Samantha said...

Cute cute cute! Roko is a sweet name. :) Who is Melo named after?

Unknown said...

He's adorable Julie!

Dorothy said...

Awww, so cute.

Of course he will like shoes. Ours wrecked my most expensive pair until we got him a ton of chew toys. Everytime he would go near my shoes, I would put on in his mouth. He got the idea after a while and now he sleeps in the porch with all the shoes and doesn't touch them.