Friday, November 17, 2006

A fun Thursday evening

It was another busy day in the store. I am into the second ball on my ruffles scarf-sorry, no pictures. I promise tomorrow. Phyllis worked on the scarf during class for me-thanks. Will help get it done quicker.

Speaking of class-I didn't mention that last week Phyllis made us chocolate cheesecake muffins. She owns a cooking store in Dundas called The Keeping Room and has some great recipes. We were going to get chocolate chip muffins tonight but the ingredients weren't at room temperature-who knew there was a difference?

Beth brought Mom to see the store around 3:30 and there was an SUV parked next door at the variety store. Didn't think much of it until 5:30 when it was still there. The car had been running the whole time and the person inside was talking on a cell phone. When I came downstairs for class at 7 it was still there but the man looked to be sleeping. When class was done at 9 he was still there. I was a bit freaked out so Beth called the police. 2 police cars came and they woke the man and had him come out of the car with his hands in the air. After putting him in the back of one car they searched his SUV for about 1/2 hour. After an hour a man showed up who the police talked to and an ambulance showed up. After talking with the police for a bit the new man took the sleeping man away with him. Curiousity was killing us so Beth went out to talk with the police. The man is an alcoholic and his wife kicked him out yesterday. The police found him at 4am this morning, drunk, in his car just down the road from us. They knew him, said he was a good guy going through a rough time. He drank 2 mickeys this afternoon when he was sitting in his car. Thank goodness he fell asleep and didn't drive!!

How about Survivor tonight? The twists this season are great. Atiu is looking really strong-both mentally and physically. Thank goodness for a satellite dish. I am watching CSI for the second time tonight-missed most of it the first time with all the excitement.

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Dorothy said...

I'm glad he didn't drive too! I hope he gets the help he needs.