Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The 'Neat Freak' Strikes Again

Cathy worked with me again today in the store. We have almost everything moved. She is coming back tomorrow and we should have the rest of the store done. Her OCD kicks in when there are things to be rearranged. She can't stop until it is done. I had to make her sit and eat her lunch around 2.

It is amazing how much space there is in the store when it is tidy!!

I don't have much knitting to report. I am working on the back of Kilcar-20 rows done and I need 80 to the armhole shaping.


Unknown said...

Looks pretty good Julie. It's always beneficial to have someone with OCD when certain things have to be taken care of...LOL

Unknown said...


I will have to make time to come in & check it out!

Samantha said...

The store looks great!

Cute puppies too. I'm sure Melo will be thrilled to have a sibling. :)