Wednesday, March 31, 2021

One more sleep

I totally forgot that tomorrow is April 1. I can cast on my Malabrigo!

I’m going to use Cirrus Gray, Piedras and Sabiduria. One of the perks to owning a yarn store is that you get to pick the best skeins. This skein of Piedras called to me the minute I opened the box. The rest of our skeins are dull with a lot less colour. One of the drawbacks of owning a yarn store is selling the yarn before you get to cast on.

If this colourway is the one you have to have, it is available on the website but only until 4pm tomorrow (April 1). If no one purchases it then I will be casting on my Temperance shawl with these skeins.

Turtlepurl is shipping us yarn next week. These are three of the new colours coming.

A big box of Knitter’s Pride needles and accessories came today including the new Mindful Blocking Mats.

Set of 9 blocking mats each measuring 12" x 12" for blocking small & large projects.

In soothing color of teal with floral prints that makes it suitable for various applications.

All mats fit together like puzzle pieces, giving the knitter various customized shape & size options.

Ideal for use with The Mindful Knit Blockers & Knitter's Pride T-Pins.

Mindful Swivel Cords are back in stock. Lynn swears by these. The cords will work with any Knitter’s Pride needle.

I’m tracking FedEx and the new Saddle Bags are supposed to arrive on Monday.

Colour is coming!

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