Sunday, November 08, 2020


I was placing an order with one of my suppliers yesterday when I saw pompoms on their website. We should see these later this week. They are faux fur and will retail for $15 each. I don’t know if they snap on or are sew on and I don’t know the size. It will be a surprise when the box arrives.
We are having a hard time getting interchangeable needle sets. We’re waiting on the Addi Squared sets and the Knitters Pride Mindful sets. This week we should have a couple of sets of Grove Bamboo Needles.
Grove needles are bamboo knitting needles reimagined. The raw bamboo is treated with LYKKE's proprietary process which enriches the bamboo to strengthen and smooth it, as well as add a touch of green that evokes the feeling of bamboo just cut from a grove. This is accentuated with tasteful green caps with laser engraved needle sizes. Knitting with LYKKE's Grove needles will surely help you make happy!

The case is a chartreuse green textured basketweave effect that is eye catching & fun.

I didn’t finish Skylights today. I should be starting the ribbing on the sleeves tomorrow or Tuesday night. It is too big and bulky to knit while playing dominoes. We play a game every night after dinner. While playing I’ve been working on the sleeve of Spark.
I have about two inches to go and this sleeve is finished. The pattern is easy to memorize so I can knit and play.

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