Friday, November 06, 2020


Ambah has a new shawl pattern.

Named for one of my favourite Australian birds, the spotted Pardalote; a small brightly coloured, short-billed Australian songbird related to the flowerpeckers, typically having white spots or streaks on the dark wings and crown. The name derives from a Greek word meaning “spotted”. Requiring only 2 skeins, the Pardalote shawl is a smaller project that has a big impact. Its combination of slip stitches and eyelets allow for play between the two colours, a reference to the spots on its namesake. Pardalote is a relaxing knit that will keep you engaged and results in a wearable asymmetrical triangle shape.

You need two skeins of fingering weight yarn.

You can purchase the pattern in Ambah’s Etsy shop or on Ravelry.

Wannietta test knit the shawl for Ambah. She brought a skein of fingering weight from her stash to the store and we added a skein of Hedgehog Kidsilk Lace.

What a great looking shawl!

I check out Malabrigo’s website daily hoping that they will have Rasta available. I checked this morning and there wasn’t any. I just checked and there were a few colours. My order has been placed. Malabrigo is behind on shipping right now (there is a big demand for their yarn) so I’m guessing we will see these at the end of the month.

These will be new to us colours of Rasta.

And there are three brand new colours of Rios.

The Rios colours look gorgeous. I think that any of them would be a great choice for Andrea’s new shawl Honey Moss that I showed yesterday.

Photo © Andrea Mowry

The new Della Q bags are selling well for us and for Della Q. They are sold out of a few colours. If you are thinking about a bag, don’t be disappointed. Get your order in soon. We have a limited number of Maker’s Roll Top bags in red and olive. 

We did add another colour in the Maker’s Mini Messenger - Salmon.

We’ve been waiting for the new Mindful Collection needles from Knitters Pride. They should be here by the end of the month.

Now a bit of knitting. I hope to have Skylights finished this weekend. 

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